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What can I do for remoteStorage?

I can code


  • Integrate RS in any of your apps. More apps means more users, means more developers, means more apps.
  • Help out with the reference client. There are always issues to work on
  • Help with completing and improving the remoteStorage.js documentation (even if it’s just questions or feedback). There is more detailed information about how to contribute to the documentation.
  • Contribute to any open-source remoteStorage app. Some of them are listed here.
  • Help improving and creating new remoteStorage.js data modules
  • Help improving Armadietto, a RS server based on node.js


  • Help out with php-remote-storage, a modern, up-to-date RS server (written by spec co-author François Kooman)


  • Contribute to Mysteryshack, a light-weight, fast, self-contained RS server


  • There’s an integration test suite for testing local and/or live remoteStorage servers for API compliance, which is written in Ruby (minitest/spec). It’s not 100% complete yet. Ping us on the forums or IRC, if you’d like to contribute!
  • Write integrations for Huginn (an open-source IFTTT/Zapier alternative) that automatically copy your data from silos to your own storage


  • We’d like to create an Android sync adapter that synchronizes calendars and contacts. See this thread if you would like to help.
  • Create an Android app that integrates sharing, for e.g. URLs to the bookmarks category, or images to the shares module.


  • There’s a remoteStorage FUSE module for mounting storages as filesystems, which needs upgrading to newer protocol versions and finishing in general.
  • There’s a remoteStorage server written in C (with a little node.js helper app), which needs upgrading and has some installation issues.

I can design

  • Improve the design of our website and/or wiki. Both could look much more beautiful with your help. The website repo is located at and we have a board for website issues.
  • Design a new landing page for users coming from apps and the RS connect widget.
  • Help improve the design of any RS-enabled open source app (see Apps e.g.). Many of them are in need of better app icons and/or UI/UX improvements. Giving feedback on design decisions and how to improve apps is a good start as well.
  • See Design for more info.

I can write

  • Add and/or improve content of the RS website, any page on this wiki, or any other project-related content on the Web.
  • Help us improve existing technical documentation (lots of room for your contributions/improvements). There are e.g. the remoteStorage.js API docs, the remoteStorage.js Beginner’s Guide, or any page linked on and including the Developer Portal.
  • Help improve documentation, description and marketing materials for RS-enabled open-source apps and servers.
  • Write about remoteStorage on your website, blog, social media, etc.. Explain the concept to users, developers, providers, and anyone else you think should know about remoteStorage’s existence and how it works.
  • Improve the language and clarity of the remoteStorage specification draft (see Protocol).

I can run servers

  • Set up a server for yourself and maybe your family and friends! php-remote-storage is easy to run anywhere with PHP support for example.
  • Become a commercial or non-profit storage provider. You can either implement your own or use an existing server software as your basis.

I can test things

  • Use RS-enabled apps and/or servers and report issues and constructive feedback.