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  • 5apps Storage is a commercial remoteStorage provider that currently offers free storage accounts.
  • IndieHosters offers (paid) managed hosting of remoteStorage on both shared and custom domains.
  • offers (paid) managed hosting and supports lucchetto.js extended RS apps with in-app purchases.

Host your own

Integrate into existing systems

  • remotestorage-server is a node.js module, which can be used as basis for your own remoteStorage server, implementing the core HTTP behavior.
  • Liquor Cabinet is a remoteStorage HTTP API server based on Sinatra (Ruby). It supports S3-compatible object storages and OpenStack Swift as storage backends.

Create a new implementation

With remoteStorage being a relatively simple specification, you can write your own fully compliant server implementation in a language you like in a matter of a few days to a couple of weeks usually.

You can run the RS API Test Suite against your server from the outside to integration-test for spec compliance of the HTTP API portion of the spec.

Some core contributors will gladly help you with any questions you may have on the way. There is a dedicated category for server development on the RS Community Forums.

Hints for self-hosting

Apache bug

There is a very old, long-running bug in the Apache web server, which breaks remoteStorage sync. (In short, 304 HTTP responses get their CORS headers stripped unintentionally, so the response can never be received at an Unhosted app.)

It has finally been resolved and release with Apache 2.4.47, but any version before that will not work. You need to use a server that does HTTP and CORS correctly. Most people use Nginx as a reverse proxy, but any other compliant web server works as well.

Outdated solutions

The following RS servers are not under active development anymore and need updating in order to conform to modern spec versions. If you’re a developer, you might want to pick up existing code in your favorite language instead of starting from scratch:

  • rs-serve is a remoteStorage server written in C for POSIX systems, storing data in system users’ home directories.
  • python-remotestorage RS server for Python, using Git as storage back-end (spec: draft-dejong-remotestorage-00)
  • remotestorage-ruby RS server based on Ruby on Rails (spec: 2012.04)