This page was moved from the old wiki and is in the process of being revised.


Connect Widget

Another ongoing topic is the refreshing of the connect widget, which is currently shipped with the remoteStorage.js library. Plans are to extract it from the core library to a seperate widget add-on library. @gillisig created a new design and flow, complete with interactive flow mockups, and raucao started implementing the widget library.


We just launched a basic new website, but it still/always needs work. It’s a great point of entry for designers and frontend developers wanting to contribute to the project.

The wiki is running on MediaWiki.

The forums are running on Discourse.


Get involved

Please contact the core team on IRC (#remotestorage on Freenode), the community forums, or GitHub if you’re interested in helping out! You would help an open source project in need and get your work in front of a lot of people from all around the world. Small sponsorships/stipends are possible as well.