Own your data

Get a storage account or set up your own

Get an account with a hoster

Storage providers are still preparing for the brandnew remoteStorage. In the meantime, you can get an account with one of these services:

  • 5apps Storage

    The first commercial remoteStorage provider just launched the public beta of their dedicated remoteStorage service.

  • Add yours!

    Providing remoteStorage to users, but not on this list? Add your service!

Host your own storage server

You can set up remoteStorage on your own server by using one of the following implementations, or creating your own:

  • reStore

    remoteStorage server based on node.js. Supports both Redis and the filesystem as storage backend.

  • rs-serve

    remoteStorage server written in C for POSIX systems, storing data in system users' home directories.

  • php-remoteStorage

    remoteStorage server written in PHP. Missing Webfinger, so not 100% compatible at the moment.

  • remoteStorage-ruby

    Basic remoteStorage server written in Ruby, storing data in PostgreSQL.

  • Liquor Cabinet

    remoteStorage server API based on Sinatra (Ruby). Excludes the OAuth portion! Supports multiple backends, but only Riak is implemented at the moment.

  • Add yours!

    Why not create your own storage server? If you do, add it to this list!

This page is still incomplete. Check back soon.